EastOne announces a deal on acquisiotion of the Ekonomika Publishing House

EastOne, an international investment advisory group, announces the acquisition of the control stake in the Ekonomika publishing house from German Handelsblatt publishing group and Czech publisher Miroslaw Pavel. The deal has been concluded in accordance with the business strategy aiming to diversify the assets under the EastOne mandate.

Commenting on the deal Chief Executive Officer of the Company Gennady Gazin said: «This is a successful deal that allows us to expand our investors’ presence on the media market, one of the most fast-growing and promising markets in Ukraine, which also is a priority direction in fulfilling business strategy of our investors. We expect that the value of business conducted by Ekonomika publishing house will grow through strengthening the leading positions of the Delo daily newspaper and the InvestGazeta weekly magazine in the nearest future».

President of the Ekonomika publishing house Igor Lyashenko said: «The deal has enabled us to attract a strategic partner, with whom we have come to a mutual understanding on all key issues regarding the further development of the individual papers and magazines and the publishing house in general, while retaining the house’s independence and strictly following the European standards of journalism.»

The details of the deal are not disclosed according to confidentiality agreement.


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