EastOne Group closed the deal on sale of Dneprospetsstal OJSC

EastOne Group an international investment advisory group announces about closing the deal on sale of its shares in Dnepospetsstal OJSC, which previously has been under the EastOne mandate.

The deal has been concluded in accordance with the business strategy aiming to diversify the assets under the EastOne mandate. «Our portfolio strategy envisages entering the new fast-growing sectors, i.e. retail, high technologies and financial services in particularly. Our company is in search of new ways for project realization in those fields now»- said the EastOne’s Chief Executive Officer Gennady Gazin. «Our strategic partnership with the Mosmart CJSC, aiming to form a retail leader on the Ukrainian market, and market capitalisation of the Dneprospetsstal OJSC — are the most important events on portfolio diversity for today». From the date of sale’s close Dneprospetsstal OJSC comes out of the EastOne group mandate.

The details of the deal are not disclosed according to confidentiality agreement.

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