In 1990, Victor Pinchuk founded the Interpipe Group, a company that assisted metallurgical enterprises in the Former Soviet Union in the implementation of innovative pipe manufacturing technologies. In the first ten years of its existence, Interpipe grew to become one of the largest financial and industrial groups in Ukraine.

At the turn of the twenty-first century, the Interpipe Group was among Ukraine’s five leading private enterprises. While the group remained anchored in the steel pipe and railroad wheels manufacturing industries, it had also expanded into IT and oil and gas sectors among others.

In 2006,  the Group was restructed, subdividing it into a number of independent businesses managed along the principles of direct investment fund within a context of a unified portfolio strategy. New practices of corporate governance were introduced focusing on delegating broad operational responsibilities to the management teams of individual businesses.

In 2007, an investment advisory group, EastOne, was formed to support new investments and the existing asset portfolio.

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